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News: Draya Michele, the multi-talented American media personality, model, actress, and fashion designer, surprised her Instagram followers by sharing her baby bump photo on International Women’s Day, confirming her pregnancy. She joyfully revealed that she is expecting a baby girl and is currently in her third trimester, expecting her bundle of joy with NBA star Jalen Green. However, her pregnancy journey has not been without its challenges, as she mentioned experiencing health complications. This pregnancy marks her third child, adding to her family with her two sons, Kniko Howard and Jru Scandrick. Draya Michele’s net worth is reported to be $600K, amassed through her various ventures in acting, modeling, and entrepreneurship, including successful ventures like Mint Swim, Fine Ass Girls, and Beige & Coco.

Who is Draya Michele?

Draya Michele’s rise to fame commenced with her involvement with Chris Brown and later her appearance on the VH1 series Basketball Wives LA in 2011. She further expanded her career into acting, with roles in TV One’s Will to Love and the film The Perfect Match. Besides her acting prowess, she showcased her entrepreneurial skills by launching successful ventures in the fashion industry. Draya Michele’s relationship with Jalen Green has been a subject of interest, given the significant age gap, with Draya being 17 years older than Jalen. Prior to Jalen, she was in a high-profile relationship with NFL player Orlando Scandrick, with whom she shares her younger son, Jru Scandrick.

Draya Michele’s announcement of her pregnancy has garnered significant attention, marking a new chapter in her life and expanding her family. As she eagerly awaits the arrival of her baby girl, she continues to inspire with her multifaceted career and unwavering determination.

Draya Michele’s Successful Ventures

Draya Michele’s entrepreneurial acumen has been evident through her successful ventures in the fashion industry, such as Mint Swim, Fine Ass Girls, and Beige & Coco. Her ability to diversify and excel in multiple entrepreneurial endeavors showcases her business savvy and creativity.

Challenges Faced During Pregnancy

While embracing the joy of expecting a baby girl, Draya Michele has also been candid about the health complications she has experienced during her pregnancy. Her openness about these challenges resonates with many women, highlighting the importance of addressing and discussing the realities of pregnancy.

Inspiring Career and Determination

Draya Michele’s career trajectory, from reality television to acting and entrepreneurship, serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals in the entertainment and fashion industries. Her unwavering determination and ability to diversify her talents continue to motivate others to pursue their passions and goals.

Draya Michele’s Relationship Dynamics

The dynamics of Draya Michele’s relationships, from her high-profile romance with NFL player Orlando Scandrick to her current relationship with NBA star Jalen Green, have sparked public interest. The significant age gap between Draya and Jalen has been a topic of discussion, shedding light on societal perceptions of age disparities in romantic partnerships.

Expanding Family and Personal Growth

With the forthcoming arrival of her baby girl, Draya Michele’s journey of expanding her family signifies a new phase of personal growth and maternal joy. Her willingness to share this meaningful chapter of her life with her followers resonates with individuals celebrating the beauty of motherhood and family bonds.


1. What are Draya Michele’s successful ventures in the fashion industry?

Draya Michele has successfully ventured into the fashion industry with brands such as Mint Swim, Fine Ass Girls, and Beige & Coco, showcasing her entrepreneurial prowess and creative vision.

2. How has Draya Michele’s openness about pregnancy challenges impacted her followers?

Draya Michele’s candidness about the health complications she has faced during her pregnancy has resonated with many women, emphasizing the significance of addressing and discussing the realities of pregnancy, fostering a supportive and empathetic online community.

3. What has been the public’s reaction to Draya Michele’s pregnancy announcement?

Draya Michele’s pregnancy announcement has garnered significant attention, capturing the public’s interest and marking a new chapter in her life and personal journey, inspiring her followers through her multifaceted career and unwavering determination.

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