Floribama Shore Who is Still Together in 2024? Where Are the Floribama Shore Cast Members Now?

News: In 2017, “Floribama Shore,” a reality TV show featuring young adults living in Panama City Beach, Florida, made its debut. This show, reminiscent of “Jersey Shore” and “Party Down South,” captivated audiences with its portrayal of the lives and interactions of eight housemates during the summer. As “Floribama Shore” gained popularity, viewers became invested in the cast’s relationships, careers, and post-show experiences. Fast forward to 2024, and the lives of the cast members have taken various turns, with some maintaining relationships, while others have ventured into new paths.

Cast Members’ Current Relationships

As of 2024, the relationships of the “Floribama Shore” cast have undergone significant changes.

Nilsa Prowant and Gus Gazda

Despite past relationship obstacles, Nilsa and Gus tied the knot in 2021, welcoming their son, Gray Allen, and continuing to nurture a strong bond in their marriage.

Aimee Hall and Dillon Johnson

Aimee and Dillon’s relationship shifted as they parted ways, and Aimee has found companionship with James, marking a new chapter in her personal life.

Kirk Medas and Wren Marie

Rumors of strain surrounded Kirk and Wren’s relationship, possibly leading to a breakup, while they navigate their individual paths following the speculated split.

Kortni Gilson and Ryan Trackwell

The status of Kortni and Ryan’s relationship remains undisclosed, with Kortni advocating for mental health and embracing a new purpose in life.

Gus Smyrnios and Samantha “Sami” Carucci

Despite facing controversies, Gus and Sami tied the knot, reflecting resilience and embarking on a journey of happiness together.

Cast Members’ Post-Show Endeavors

The former “Floribama Shore” cast members have ventured into diverse paths after the show concluded.

Jeremiah Buoni

Jeremiah continues to pursue his passion for fitness and bodybuilding, promoting Fit Strong Supplements and modeling for the company, while also indulging in golf during his leisure time.

Candace Rice

Candace, now a successful skincare line entrepreneur and full-time Instagram influencer, embraces motherhood to her premature baby, Maxwell.

Kirk Medas

Focuses on holistic health, maintains his relationship with Wren Marie and works as a sales consultant in the smoke, hookah, and vape wholesale industry.

Aimee Hall

An active presence on social media, shares coastal images, occasionally makes appearances at adult clubs, and enjoys reconnecting with her former castmates.

Codi Butts

Pursuing a career in landscaping in his hometown, values his privacy and has been discreet about his personal life on social media.

Kortni Gilson

After abruptly leaving the show, has dedicated herself to healing, openly discussing her reproductive health issues and sharing her struggles with her followers.

Gus Smyrnios

Transitioned to a modeling career, leaving behind the show’s drama, and is happily married to Samantha Carruci, relishing life with their dogs.

Nilsa Prowant

Having found love with Gus Gazda, established her own fashion line, Shop Nilsa Prowant, after her relationship with Gus ended.

The lives of the “Floribama Shore” cast members in 2024 reflect diverse personal and professional journeys, demonstrating resilience, growth, and new beginnings. As they navigate relationships, careers, and life after the show, the cast members continue to engage with their fan base, showcasing the evolution of their individual paths. “Floribama Shore” not only provided entertainment but also offered a glimpse into the ever-changing lives of young adults, resonating with audiences seeking authenticity and relatable experiences.


1. What are the latest updates on the relationships of the “Floribama Shore” cast?

The latest updates indicate that while some cast members have tied the knot and nurtured their bonds, others have embraced new chapters in their personal lives, ultimately showcasing diverse relationship trajectories.

2. How have the post-show endeavors of the former “Floribama Shore” cast members unfolded?

Post-show, the former cast members have ventured into various professional paths, including fitness promotion, entrepreneurship, modeling, and holistic health, displaying a wide array of endeavors beyond their reality TV experiences.

3. What themes are reflected in the lives of the “Floribama Shore” cast members post-show?

The cast members’ lives post-show reflect themes of resilience, growth, and new beginnings, as they navigate personal and professional journeys while continuing to engage with their fan base, offering authentic and relatable experiences.

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