Palworld Mounted Crossbow Not Working How to Fix Palworld Mounted Crossbow Not Working?

News: Players in Palworld might encounter problems with their mounted crossbows not working properly, which can make it difficult for them to protect themselves from invaders. This article aims to tackle the usual reasons behind these crossbow malfunctions in Palworld and provide simple solutions to fix them.

There are a few reasons why a mounted crossbow in Palworld might not function as expected:

Camp Settings

To ensure that the crossbows engage enemies effectively, it’s essential to set the camp to “Defend against attackers” using the bell.

Lack of Arrows

Without a nearby chest with arrows assigned to it, the mounted crossbows cannot function properly.

Enemy Elevation

The accuracy of targeting and shooting of the crossbows can be affected by the elevation of enemies in relation to the crossbows.

Mechanical Failures

Glitches or bugs within the game might lead to malfunctions in the mounted crossbows. It’s crucial to position the crossbows correctly, ensuring there are no obstructions, for accurate aiming and shooting.

Power Supply

For the crossbows to work properly, having enough power supply is crucial. Additionally, keep in mind that updates or patches in the game might impact the performance of the mounted crossbows.

Troubleshooting Tips for Palworld Mounted Crossbows

To fix problems with mounted crossbows in Palworld, players can do the following: Place a chest nearby and assign arrows to it, ensuring a constant supply of arrows for the crossbows.

Set Camp Defense Mode

To tackle issues with mounted crossbows in Palworld, players should:

1. Utilize the bell to set the camp to “Defend against attackers,” allowing the crossbows to effectively engage enemies.
2. Ensure that enemies are on the same level as the mounted crossbows to enhance accurate targeting.

Understand Defensive Function

Crossbows function effectively when the camp is in defensive mode is crucial. Additionally, engaging with the gaming community in a respectful and helpful manner to discuss and seek solutions for game-related issues can be beneficial. By considering these factors and applying the troubleshooting tips, players can improve the functionality of their mounted crossbows in Palworld, ensuring efficient defense against invaders..

Crossbows in Palworld is vital for an immersive gaming experience. By actively troubleshooting and keeping up with game-related updates, players can overcome these challenges and fully enjoy the game.


1. What do I do if my mounted crossbow isn’t shooting at invaders?

Ensure the camp is set to “Defend against attackers” and that there’s a nearby chest stocked with arrows assigned for the crossbows to work properly.

2. How can I make sure the mounted crossbows hit their targets accurately?

Confirm that enemies are at the same height level as the mounted crossbows to ensure precise targeting.

3. Why is power supply so important for mounted crossbows to work correctly?

A steady power supply is crucial for the crossbows to function properly, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation during raids.

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